Up Next in Art

KunstRAI x Hama Gallery: Up Next in Art

On Friday 15 April from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm KunstRAI / Art Amsterdam will focus on the (starting) art professional. During the program, which has been developed together with Hama Gallery, artists and gallery owners, each with a different vision of the field, will offer an often innovative and inspiring addition to the world of contemporary art. The moderator of these conversations is Shaquille Shaniqua Joy.

Artists such as Marlou Fernanda and Meryem Slimani will join in, as well as gallery owners Pien Rademakers (Rademakers Gallery) and Fleur Feringa (Galerie Fleur & Wouter). Together with the public, they seek answers to the questions that art professionals have. The ever-developing, innovative world of contemporary art offers many opportunities. How we position ourselves within it and what we propagate forms an important basis for the program.

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Women in art 6:30 pm
Marlou Fernanda (Artist)
Pien Rademakers (Gallery owner Rademakers Gallery)

Innovation in art 6.15 pm
Meryem Slimani (Artist)
Fleur Feringa (Gallery owner Galerie Fleur & Wouter)
Woes ten Haaften (Gallery owner Post Modern Collections)

Closing at 8:15 pm
Gershwin Bonevacia (Poet)

Drinks 8:30 pm