In addition to their stand, 22 participating galleries will set up a solostand in which the work of just one artist is optimally presented. The purpose of the solo stand is to increase understanding and appreciation of the art and the oeuvre of this artist.


Solo – Gallery40NL

Solo – Adoráble ART+DESIGN

Solo – ASAP Gallery

Solo – Boomberg Art

Solo – Chiefs & Spirits

Solo – Contempo


Solo – Franzis Engels

Solo – Galerie Fontana

Solo – Huub Hannen

Solo – Jan van Hoof Galerie

Solo – Galerie Roger Katwijk

Solo – Kunstconsult – 20th century art | objects

Solo – Gallery Lukisan

Solo – Luycks Gallery

Solo – Galerie Mokum

Solo – Galerie Post + Garcia

Solo – Rademakers Gallery

Solo – Project 2.0 Gallery

Solo – Galerie de Roos van Tudor

Solo – Rueb Modern and Contemporary Art

Solo – Galerie Wilms

Solo – Galerie Helga Hofman

Solo – Wanrooij Gallery

Solo – Galerie Helder

Solo – Galerie Frank Welkenhuysen