Due to the developments regarding the corona virus, the organization of the KunstRAI has decided to postpone the event. The next edition of the KunstRAI will take place autumn 2021. A specific date will follow as soon as possible. We trust this delay will provide more security for a safe event and hope to see you then. From the 20th of May you can check our preview of the fair online:

Art Preview

  • 25 years of Gallery Carla Koch: studio ceramics and glass

    “This unique niche doesn’t always get the attention that it deserves, while so many interesting things are taking place. That’s why I’ll continue to promote this genre via art fairs and exhibitions.”

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  • Female Artists

    “A sample of 82 of the top global fairs from Artfacts.net in 2018 showed that of the approximately 27,000 artists who had work exhibited, just 24% were female versus 76% male.

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